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The dynamics of virtual jobs are a revolutionary solution for public institutions to solve local concerns including economic development, environmental sustainability, population diversity, and disaster recovery. Distribute designs custom initiatives for governments, nonprofit organizations, and community initiatives to harness the power of the remote workforce.



Businesses with remote workforces are proven to operate with more efficient productivity, stronger employee loyalty, and higher profit margins than their on-site competitors. To help companies capitalize on the benefits of virtual work environments, Distribute designs policies, organizational structures, and training programs that empower a team to become location independent.



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model strategy

The benefits of remote work extend into every industry and community, but the process of capitalizing on them isn’t a one-size-fits-all method. Based on our collective century of experience in a variety of industries, the Distribute agency of experts will design an initiative for your organization based on the unique needs, culture, and goals of your market to harness the power of a virtual workforce.

policy design

A fully-distributed team isn’t realistic for many companies, but in our globalized, cloud-based economy, being remote-friendly is inevitable. By outlining rules and expectations for off-site behavior, a Remote Work Policy can help on-site or hybrid businesses ensure that their employees are communicating and operating effectively when traveling or temporarily commuting from home.

conversion management

Achieving a successful virtual work environment is not instinctual, nor is it based exclusively on the digitization of tools and resources. When you are ready to transition a role, a department, or an entire organization to a virtual work environment, Distribute will support you in the change management process by updating communication channels, leadership strategies, and results tracking tools.


Virtual collaboration requires an updated method of management that is based on trust, culture, and communication. Without these, a distributed workforce will inevitably fail. Distribute combines the experience of our expert panel with the most innovative tools on the market to measure, evaluate, and enhance your leadership’s supervision methods.

operations analysis

Our panel of experts are collected from the most successful remote-friendly organizations in the world. Their collective experience and diverse perspectives ensure that our evaluations of your workflows, communications, and costs are the best that you can find. Whether you’re worried about tracking productivity, stabilizing consistency, or strengthening credibility, we can help.

remote work EDUCATION

In collaboration with Workplaceless, a SHRM-approved remote work training company, Distribute teaches audiences of any size about the benefits of remote work and how to join the virtual business world by delivering virtual and on-site presentations, workshops, and Q&A panels. Topics include: keys to self-management, economic benefits of online job accessibility, nuances of virtual communication, and more.




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